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Nashville's warm weather is bringing in longer days and comfortable nights, and there's never been a better time to have the perfect environment at home. The upgrade showing up most often in Nashville's more upscale homes is the transformation of existing outdoor space into full scale outdoor living environments.  Many choose to focus this type of upgrade around bringing in a full-featured outdoor kitchen with integrated dining and social areas. If you've got a pool, this new space often transitions seamlessly into the pool and lounge environment.

"Designer living trends have continued to focus on the outdoor areas of the home, with even more emphasis on outdoor cooking and dining during the pandemic," commented Reed Shandoff, owner of Embers Store in Brentwood. "A full-feature outdoor kitchen is a popular addition that gives you or your family real benefits - whether or not you have other outdoor amenities like a pool."

Lots of Nashville homes have under-utilized outdoor space that can be transformed into a sophisticated outdoor living and social area without requiring major changes or major construction.   Whether you live on one of the area's lakes, have a larger yard, or simply have a space that flows into the indoor areas of home, there are great options to consider that will get your imagination going.

What kind of outdoor kitchen is right for you? If you only plan to cook meats and occasional meals like burgers, you will only need a modest outdoor kitchen setup, likely a grill with counter and storage space. However, many outdoor kitchens feature more functional appliances and areas while blending into the space beautifully.

For example, one great solution to include plumbing and electrical components without ballooning your budget is to plan a partially-covered outdoor kitchen. In this layout your grill, counter seating, and outdoor dining furniture can be situated fully outdoors, while part of your kitchen including a sink, stove, and additional countertop space can sit flush against your outer wall, covered by a canopy or roof.

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Some homeowners have preconceived notions that you need a massive amount of space for a full-feature outdoor kitchen.  No matter what type of space you are looking to transform, the investment will have a positive impact on your home's value now and final price when you sell it in the future.

Existing patios, decks, pool areas and even alcoves or niches created by your home's exterior footprint can be a great place for even a small form-factor, compact kitchen design.

The only limit to your imagination are the constraints of your physical space and overall budget.  Within those constraints, there are almost endless possibilities in the creation of your custom outdoor kitchen.

One key decision you'll be making is the grill, the centerpiece of any outdoor kitchen. Most likely, you'll be looking at built-in grills or drop-in grills that insert directly into an outdoor kitchen island, pre-fabricated or custom cabinetry, or into custom construction.

There's an important step in our Showoom for those who come into Embers with outdoor kitchens on their mind. "Everyone who comes in for our outdoor kitchens qualifies for Free Design & concepts for their space. Our team works with you to build a conceptual model of a kitchen or living area that works in your space. It is an extremely useful tool in helping you nail down your budgets and real wishlist," said Reed. "Get started right now by letting us know you are coming in or requesting a phone appointment."

Here's a few layouts that are popular starting points and inspiration for transforming your outdoor space, based on the real purpose and role the outdoor kitchen plays. Our showroom team will ask you the right questions to help determine what is most important to you for the use of your outdoor kitchen. This is the best way to proceed and is a great first step before you even think about speaking to contractors or architects.

Within our designs, each piece of your new outdoor kitchen is hand-picked for its quality and value as well as function and flow. Depending on your budget and wishlist, you may end up designing a kitchen that is all mostly the same brand, or you may end up mix & match product lines and brands if you have more specialized goals.

Get started now! This is a great way to begin the process of setting a real budget and making your dreams a reality.

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