Ready-To-Install Outdoor Kitchen Islands & Cabinets | Challenger Designs Gallery

Here’s an outdoor kitchen solution for those who do not want to go through the fully custom outdoor kitchen planning process. Pre-Fabricated islands, cabinets and carts by Challenger Designs are a perennial best-seller among those who come into Embers Store for their outdoor kitchen needs.

Going with pre-fabricated lets you move smoothly from the design and concept phase into actual installation. You actually get to cut back on the decision-making involved with an outdoor kitchen, as the pre-fabricated choices available keep you reviewing a smaller number of options vs. doing a fully custom outdoor kitchen. The decision-making process gets easier because you get to simplify everything — for example, you will have to choose materials like whether you want quartz or quartzite – you can find out the difference by reading this at

“Challenger Designs has hit the nail on the head in offering what consumers really want,” said Reed Shandoff, owner of Embers Grill & Fireplace Store. “You have a ready-to-install, fully pre-fabricated outdoor system available in a variety of styles, all for a lower cost than fully custom. It’s a no-brainer on why Challenger Designs is showing up in our customers’ homes.”