Built-In Grills


The built-in gas grill is the centerpiece and one of the most important parts of an outdoor kitchen. We are proud to offer the largest selection of built-in gas grills and drop-in gas grills at our showroom in the greater Nashville area.

We've chosen these brands & models over the years for their luxury, design appeal, overall quality and depth of features. The majority of these premium brands are engineered & manufactured in the USA using the latest technology and rigorous quality standards including the highest grade commercial stainless steel available.

Many of our built-in grill manufacturers have also developed side burners & other cooking add-ons, kitchen cabinetry & storage options, pre-fabricated kitchen islands, outdoor refrigeration & appliances, sinks & cocktail stations, outdoor ventilation & heating, and much more.

You do not need to purchase all of your outdoor kitchen equipment from one manufacturer or brand. Many of the cabinetry and island options are designed to handle standardized sizes for refrigeration, appliances and other options, allowing you to hand-pick the best from each manufacturer with the help from our Showroom team. 

Built-In Grills at Embers

Nashville's largest collection of premium built-in grills

Take your outdoor cooking a step beyond cart-based grills. Our built-in grill models open up a world of customization possibilities in the creation of an outdoor cooking area or full outdoor kitchen. Ask our Showroom team about pre-fabricated outdoor kitchen islands or custom enclosures for your planned built-in grill.

Built-In Grills Showroom Brands

Check out our selection of premium & professional-grade Built-In Grills brands.