What are you looking for in an outdoor kitchen? No matter what's on your wish list, you'll be making a lot of choices during the process.

Depending on the amount of space you have and what kind of budget you are thinking of, you'll be choosing either a movable outdoor kitchen setup, an all-in-one pre-fabricated kitchen island with add-ons, or a fully custom built-in-place outdoor kitchen with integrated appliances, storage and counters.

If you're working with a smaller amount of space or space that has to serve multiple roles, a movable setup is right for you. These typically require no dedicated plumbing or additional electric.

If your space, vision and budget get you into the world of pre-fabricated and fully custom designs, you'll be choosing either a freefloating island or a one-wall, L-shape or U-shaped layout for the grill, counters, appliances and other add-ons. Pre-fabricated designs have the benefit of coming with pre-defined prep areas and counter space on the sides of the grill and sink - you don't have to worry about planning for the required details that make a kitchen user-friendly.

If you're going fully custom, you're going to want to combine the skills of our sales and design team with whomever is helping you do your design and make your decisions. It is essential that there be a balance between the look and style you want and the efficiency and usability of the kitchen to fit your lifestyle.

Our local outdoor kitchens portfolio gives you a sense on the wealth of options available to you, no matter which direction you are thinking of going!

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