Outdoor Fireplaces


An outdoor fireplace makes a great centerpiece for patios, decks, terraces, outdoor kitchens and outdoor living rooms. An outdoor fireplace can instantly transform a regular backyard into an enjoyable space for gathering, entertaining or lounging.

Adding an outdoor fireplace to your home (besides the entertainment value & wonderful ambiance it creates) can greatly increase your home's resale value. Enhancing the outdoor living aspects of your home makes your home more attractive to more sophisticated purchasers that pay a higher price.

Embers has the Nashville area's largest selection of designer outdoor fireplaces - choose from ventless, direct vent and wood-burning designs in contemporary & traditional styles.


Vent-Free Outdoor Fireplaces

Simple installation & the flexibility to place the fireplace wherever you like

Vent-free fireplaces require no venting or piping to operate. These systems are ultra-efficient & burn clean in order to allow all heat to flow into the surrounding environment. Add a cozy ambiance & alternate source of heat to your patio, deck, veranda or outdoor kitchen.

Direct Vent Outdoor Fireplaces

High efficiency & heat output with low installation & venting costs

Direct vent fireplaces use a sealed combustion system where air is drawn from & exhausted back to the outdoors through pipes or vents. The fireplace itself is an inner prefabricated metal box available with a variety of exterior styles and designs.

Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplaces

The authentic beauty & warmth of a real wood fire to your outdoor space

Depending on your taste and wishlist, you may opt to add a traditional wood-burning fireplace to your outdoor environment. Many homeowners opt for the ambiance & beauty of a natural fire.

Linear & Panoramic Outdoor Fireplaces

Maximize the modern sophistication & visual impact of your space

Linear fireplaces allow you to enjoy the ambiance and comfort of a fireplace without the design limitations of a traditional fireplace. These contemporary, rectangular and panoramic designs can be used to interrupt two spaces, line an entire wall, or even create a see-through transition between indoor & outdoor rooms.

Outdoor Fireplaces Showroom Brands

Check out our selection of premium & professional-grade Outdoor Fireplaces brands.