Other Great Ultimate Backyard Ideas

Our outdoor living area design pros are constantly researching new ideas to bring customers’ ideas to life. You’d be surprised at how creative some of our customers are in their quest for their own vision of the perfect backyard.

Add a fire pit, fire table or an outdoor fireplace

These types of features really add to an outdoor space and extend the usability of your backyard if you live in colder climates or in places that have colder Falls and Winters. If you live in an all-year round warm climate like Phoenix, then a fire pit, fire table or outdoor fireplaces is used more as an ambience feature, and is also something you will really enjoy on the rare cold nights.

Create Flexible Activity Zones

You can take patio enhancements much further than just an outdoor fireplace. If you have a large enough yard off of your patio area, you can set up flexible activity space zones that can support all kinds of fun things. A lot of times, when you’re planning to really upgrade your backyard, it’s because you have a family, children, etc.

Using your backyard space wisely to create an activity zone gives you flex space to have your children’s birthday parties and other events at home. This means you plan for an area where you can put rented bounce houses, moon bounces, inflatable obstacle courses, a temporary climbing wall or an inflatable water park.

For a safe, fun event, it is best if you have power close by the designated activity zone. If you have a pool already and have a remaining flat area still not in use, this is a great place to set up as the activity area.

Plan During The Project For Later Uses

If you’re really getting creative with activity space, have power drops run under the back lawn from the patio or pool area. You’re going to need it to power an air compressor if you’re renting inflatable items.  Do this type of power upgrade while you are working on the rest of the backyard or patio area.

If you’re putting in an outdoor kitchen, have the electrician run additional circuits further out into the yard. This way, you won’t have to bring someone else in later to rip up the yard or disrupt your fun. Doing it at the same time as another project minimizes the additional cost of the power upgrade.



If you don’t have the space to store these types of items when not in use (they do fold up uninflated but are still large items), you can still run the power but rent items as you need them. This way you don’t need to run long extension cords from your house out to the party zone. You don’t want kids running around tripping over a cord while they are screaming and running around all crazy around a bounce house!

If you’re doing things like renting a bounce house, inflatable obstacle course, or water slides, you’re going to want to get familiar with prices both where you live and out of market. We check our local rental vendor pricing against places that carry bounce house rentals Phoenix – these are areas of the country with a year-round warm season, so prices for things like bounce house rentals often are more competitive and look lower than your own town.