Montigo’s New Luxury Tornado Fireplace Now Available

The cozy feeling that sitting beside a fireplace provides is second to none. Sitting beside the fireplace in your home with your loved ones helps you bond better as you watch the view together. Fireplaces also help create romantic settings in homes for couples.

The luxury Tornado fireplace released by Montigo for residential and commercial usages comes with unique features compared to the usual fireplaces.

This new luxury fireplace possesses an air vortex torch-style burner. This burner creates a spiral-shaped column of flame which is three feet in height.

It could be used as a centerpiece in residential and commercial rooms due to the fantastic view it creates, making it a source of beautification or architectural design. Also, unlike other fireplaces, you can position the luxury tornado fireplace anywhere in the room.

Features of the Luxury Tornado Fireplace

Listed below are the distinct features of the new luxury tornado fireplace;

The Tornado has a commercial grade control panel.

Due to this feature, the tornado fireplace is easy to control, and all buyers are assured of a warranty

The Tornado is available in natural gas or propane.

The burning of natural gas or propane is considered to be way better than the burning of coal. The reason for this is because we believe natural gas to be environmentally friendly compared to coal. Compared to the usual fireplace, the tornado fireplace burns clean air due to the natural gas, making its usage safer.

The Tornado uses Montigo’s Patented COOL-Pack Technology Fireplace Glass.

The fireplace is made up of glass using a COOL-Pack technology patented by Montigo. The function of the COOL-Pack technology-made glass is to reduce the temperature of the gas to a minimal level when felt with the hands.

This technology makes the home safe, especially for kids, because they are always drawn to beautiful things like fire. So, you have no cause to worry about your kids getting hurt whenever they touch the glass with their hands.

The Tornado features power venting to 500 feet with custom termination options available

The tornado has different power vent options for the expelling of burnt gases from your home. The different options include roof mount, wall mount, flush wall mount, or inline.

All systems are tested and CSA Certified in Montigo’s accredited on-site lab.

At Montigo, an accredited on-site lab is where all the systems contained in the tornado fireplace are tested for 100% safety. Therefore, we assure both the residential and commercial users of safety.

The Tornado fireplace consists of other features like; LED uplighting, speckled stone and driftwood, intake and flue damper, and the remote control.

Due to these features, the new luxury tornado fireplace for commercial and residential use is considered perfect at the Embers stores. The decision to purchase this unique fireplace is one that you will never regret.

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