Extend Your Patio Season with an Outdoor Fireplace

Nashville’s cooler nights are starting to arrive! Want to extend the amount of time you get to enjoy your patio, deck or backyard? Those who come into Embers this time of year are often looking to add a fire pit, fire table or an outdoor fireplace. We’re also a great place to visit if you’re looking to replace a tired old fireplace in your living room or elsewhere in your home.

Outdoor fire features greatly extend Nashville’s “patio season” even pretty far into the winter and provide a great place to gather with family and friends. These outdoor amenities provide both aesthetic and functional benefits for you during the colder days and evenings.

Outdoor fireplaces offer much of the same stylish design as indoor fireplaces. And outdoor fireplaces makes cozy additions to your outdoor living space, providing a warm welcome to family and friends.

Fireplaces and fire pits create a focal point for any gathering, especially in cool weather. An outdoor fireplace can help you extend your outdoor grilling season as well by keeping your guests comfy and warm.

Homeowner Trends

Outdoor fireplaces are surpassing indoor fireplaces in popularity as upgrades to the home. Census data from 2018 showed 56% of new single family homes were built without indoor fireplaces, the largest dropoff in over 45 years. At the same time, outdoor fireplaces, firepits and other fire features have become the most popular outdoor design element chosen by landscape architects.

These trends are supported by a National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) survey, which found outdoor fireplaces sparked the interest of 45% of U.S. new-home buyers. That’s up from 42% in 2015 and 37% in 2012.

Choices. Choices.

An outdoor fireplace can be part of the entertainment the next time a social occasion pops up on your patio. Many designs also allow for a mounted television above so you can view your favorite shows on the patio. Unlike a fire pit, a fireplace directs the smoke above, so it provides the warmth without being adversely affected by breezes and wind.

Other benefits of a fireplace include more patio room and the ability to be a part of a covered pavilion. There are multiple styles to choose from as well as different fuel options.

When you choose a design for your outdoor fireplace, it’s important to consider the overall scale of your yard and home, as well as what will suit the design of your landscape and home’s exterior. Size and relative proportion of the fireplace to the rest of your space will keep things balanced – our Showroom team have worked with tons of outdoor fireplace projects and can share lots of insight while we introduce you to some of the outdoor fireplace models available from various manufacturers.

Need Help Choosing The Perfect Fireplace?

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