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Artisan Outdoor Kitchens: Professional Series Grills vs. American Eagle Series Grills

The Embers Blog is focusing in on Artisan grills and outdoor kitchen products – we’ve had several customers in our Franklin showroom recently with lots of questions about this brand! We’ve been busy on a steady flow of Nashville outdoor kitchen projects, several of which are with outside contractors and tied to major whole house […]

Kitchen Portfolio

What are you looking for in an outdoor kitchen? No matter what’s on your wish list, you’ll be making a lot of choices during the process. Depending on the amount of space you have and what kind of budget you are thinking of, you’ll be choosing either a movable outdoor kitchen setup, an all-in-one pre-fabricated […]

Built-In Grills

The built-in gas grill is the centerpiece and one of the most important parts of an outdoor kitchen. We are proud to offer the largest selection of built-in gas grills and drop-in gas grills at our showroom in the greater Nashville area. We’ve chosen these brands & models over the years for their luxury, design […]

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