Big Rebates on Alfresco Outdoor Culinary Grills

Premium grill manufacturer Alfresco Grills, one of our best-selling brands at our Nashville store, has a good old-fashioned mail-in rebate program active on new purchases made before June 31, 2021. Get $300 – $1,000 Rebate back when you purchase.

Get Your Passion Ignited for cooking outside with more premium kitchen products for your buck. All Alfresco products purchased count towards the rebate requirements.

  • Get $300 when you spend $5,000+
  • Get $500 when you spend $8,000+
  • Get $800 when you spend $11,000+
  • Get $1,000 when you spend $16,000+

Alfresco offers a full lineup of outdoor kitchen & culinary products, including built-in grills, kitchen islands, outdoor cabinets, drawers & doors, warming drawers, refrigeration, icemakers, sinks & more.

Take a look at chef Johan Magnusson firing up an Alfresco Grill, including tips & tricks that get you up to speed & cooking in no time on these professional-grade gas grills.




Throughout the years, Alfresco has set the standard for innovation in the outdoor kitchen appliance market. No other manufacturer can lay claim to more industry firsts and exclusive products than Alfresco.

The Alfresco Luxury Grill is a fine-tuned machine with proprietary features that will fuel your passion and potential, allowing you to create truly extraordinary meals.

Here are other cooking features for the Alfresco line that let you create unique flavor creations.


Sear Zone Infrared Burners

Fast, Intense Heat for Perfect Proteins

This high-tech Sear Zone™ burner provides quick, intense heat for perfect savory heat. The burners reach 1500ºF in four minutes, and cooks 50% faster with virtually no flare-ups. The special “V-shaped” flavorizer cooking grate also captures the natural juices, fats, and flavors, then caramelizes them to the food for delectable, mouthwatering flavor. This means savory, melt-in-your-mouth proteins, all at your control. Optional on Alfresco Grills.


Versa Power Cooking System

Total heat control for total versatility

The Versa Power™ cooking system offers an unmatched heating range from 400 to 65,000 BTUs of power for total heat control. The unique, specially designed super heavy-duty spider grate can handle from the smallest of saucepans up to 100-quart stock pots. With numerous options to expand its versatility, it is the perfect complementary appliance to complete your outdoor kitchen.


Signature Taste Integrated Smoking System

Open up a world of flavors

With a dedicated stainless steel burner, our exclusive Signature Taste™ smoking system opens a whole new world of flavors for the aspiring outdoor chef. The drawer holds large chunks of wood and herbs, and linear diffusing vents naturally eject smoke at 200º to the food zone.

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