Appliances & Home Upgrade Spending Up 9% During Pandemic

There's no denying it -- the economy and the way consumers behave has changed due to the effects of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic on how we live, work...and spend. Tourism and travel have had obvious major declines, but multiple industries are seeing more consumer investment than in pre-pandemic years.

Besides the obvious surge in household cleaning, sanitation and health and hygiene products, both homeowners and renters are putting their dollars into new appliances, furniture, electronics and other home entertainment options. Consumer spending in this category is up 9% for 2020 over prior year levels.

"When you think about it, the trend is not surprising. An earlier inability or unwillingness to travel has allowed homeowners to shift their wallets to focus on enhancing their living environment at home. A lot of people coming into the store are realizing you can 'vacation at home' every day when you make certain smart improvements."

Industry analysts are forecasting a second surge of demand for these types of products as the pandemic progresses. Outdoor appliances and other enhancements to existing homes are expected to continue to increase, while experts say to expect a slowdown in the sales of new indoor appliances in the coming month as the effects of declines new home sales and new construction take effect.

Outdoor Kitchens & Outdoor Living Areas

Lots of Nashville homes have under-utilized outdoor space that can be transformed into a sophisticated outdoor living and social area without requiring major changes or major construction.   Whether you live on one of the area's lakes, have a larger yard, or simply have a space that flows into the indoor areas of home, there are great options to consider that will get your imagination going.

What kind of outdoor kitchen is right for you? If you only cook meats and occasional meals like burgers, you will only need a modest outdoor kitchen setup, likely a grill with counter and storage space. However, many outdoor kitchens feature more functional appliances and areas while blending into the space beautifully.

Existing patios, decks, pool areas and even alcoves or niches created by your home's exterior footprint can be a great place for even a small form-factor, compact kitchen design.

The only limit to your imagination are the constraints of your physical space and overall budget.  Within those constraints, there are almost endless possibilities in the creation of your custom outdoor kitchen.

Get started now! This is a great way to begin the process of setting a real budget and making your dream of an outdoor kitchen a reality.


Just Add a New Grill or Dining Area

Even simple upgrades can make a big difference

If a full outdoor kitchen isn't your thing, an upgrade to your current grill or the addition of nicer outdoor furniture can also make a big difference.  The grill is already the centerpiece of any outdoor cooking environment. A lot of homeowners just getting into real grilling have purchased low-end grills at big box retail stores - becoming familiar with 1 of the many brands of freestanding grill carts or built-in grills for outdoor islands really show you what is possible in upgrading your outdoor cooking without investing in a full outdoor kitchen.


"Even just bringing in new outdoor seating options for dining or lounging can let you get a lot more out of your backyard area or deck. Let us show you a wealth of quality & luxurious options from one of the manufacturers we utilize often in full outdoor kitchen and lifestyle areas."

We are an authorized dealer for Polywood, a high-end outdoor furniture manufacturer utilizing 100% recycled materials in the creation of their outdoor furniture line. Chairs, tables, sofas and more are constructed from durable, wear-resistant Polywood lumber, a proprietary material recycled from typically landfill-bound & ocean-bound plastics.

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Our service team is full service & fully qualified to install items you purchase from us, from complete outdoor kitchens to indoor or outdoor fireplace installation to simply delivering & setting up your grill. For projects requiring outdoor structure modifications or advanced buildouts, our showroom team will recommend the right local contractors to you based on the scope.